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Bill Withers - + ‘JUSTMENTS’

"Life like most precious gifts gives us the responsibility of upkeep. We are given the responsibility of arranging our own spaces to best benefit our survival. We have the choice of believing or not believing in things like God, friendship, marriage, love, lust or any number of simple but complicated things. We will make some mistakes both in judgement and in fact. We will help some situations and hurt some situations. We will help some people and hurt some people and be left to live with it either way. We must then make some adjustments, or as the old people back home would call them, + 'JUSTMENTS." (The man himself writes on the album cover)

In light of the recent passing of legend, Bill Withers, it only seems right to celebrate his career, his magnificent soul and influence on modern music. Recorded in 1974, ‘+ ‘JUSTMENTS’ was his 3rd studio album, a mixture of down-tempo funk and nostalgic orchestral soul, with perfect measures of heartbreak and groove. This record also features some big players, José Feliciano, James Gadson and Dorothy Ashby! His 1973 ‘Live at Carnegie Hall’ album is also regarded as one of the best live recording sessions ever. RIP.

- Ed