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Chassol - Lundi

This long awaited album released in March of 2020 crosses the boundaries of music scores, found and collected sound, filmmaking and performance. ‘Lundi’ by Chassol.

Christophe Chassol is a French Musician and Composer originally producing for cinema, television and advertising, then progressing into a range of albums and projects. Chassol has worked on the production of artists albums such as Solange, Frank Ocean, Sebastien Teller and Pheonix.

Taking found sound, recorded interviews and field recordings, looping, warping and crafting them into energetic tableaux of dream-like narratives, in which the melodies are driven by the story and tone that humans nature reveals. This is synonymously produced or translated into a performative cinematic experience, Chassol has coined the term ‘Ultrascore’. The result in ‘Lundi’ is a playful blurry series of vignettes, conversations/ monologues translated into jazz infused, soft synthesised piano and rhythmic explorations; fast renditions of voice into harmonic unison through piano. Inspired by the novel ‘Le Jeu des Perles de Verre’ (The Glass Beads Game) by Hermann Hesse, a fictious biographical story of a utopic alternative cultural way of being. A beautiful, at times funny, sense or wonderment washes over the listener as the short 30 tracks float and jolt down a stream of instruments and ideas. An artist worth investigating, much in the way that he does in his work.

- Ed