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Gipsy Kings – Luna De Fuego

In these increasingly crazy days, when it could be mistaken that the lockdown is lifted and all is fine, here is some of the sweetest sunshine sounds to enjoy in one’s own space!

The titans of flamenco guitar in their second studio album as the Gipsy Kings, released in 1982. This rich sound comes from the heritage of the gitanos, Spanish Romani people who fled the Catalonia region during the Spanish Civil War. In this case immigrating to the South of France, where Tonino Baliardo's guitar playing and Nicolas Reyes' voice founded the group’s first incarnation ‘Los Reyes’. Eventually becoming the group we know today, Catalan rumba is fused with salsa funk and pop-orientated styles of flamenco guitar playing, making for a rapturous sound that was brought to the attention of a worldwide audience. A mixture of dialects harmonise in passionate voices, guitars and hand clapping, creating an infectious energy that feels familiar, yet rooted in cultural history.

- Ed