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No. 6

Jorge Ben - Fôrça Bruta

A classic album by a legend of Brazilian music, Jorge Ben, ‘Fôrça Bruta’. This seminal 1970 album was recorded in Rio De Janeiro during a period of military dictatorship; the title literally translates as ‘Brute Force’. It was a time of censorship, civil-rights violations and economic crippling for the working class, this album is not only an active resistance to oppression, but a joyous celebration of the freedom of the soul through music and African-Brazilian heritage.

There is a delicious consistency through Ben’s work, yet he amalgamates subtle genre influences, Brazilian traditions with foreign styles, from the past to the present. A harmonious combination of mellow, Bossa-Nova acoustic guitar and soft, melancholically orchestrated strings, with a frantic, street beat, Samba-soul rhythm and instrumentation running parallel. The Tropicália movement existed in this space of MPB and the Avant Garde. It’s backed by the legendary Trio Mocoto band, the sound melds non-conventional rhythms and recording methods, with the influence of American and British Pop/ Rock ‘n’ Roll from the 50s and 60s.

Listen to it cover to cover, loud and clear.

- Ed