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Priscilla Ermel – Origens Da Luz

This is a retrospective collection of recordings taken from 1986-1994, by the Brazilian composer and multi-instrumentalist, Priscilla Ermel, released on the wonderful Music From Memory label earlier this year. After the two phenomenal ‘Outro-Tempo’ compilations, that explore contemporary electronic Brazilian music in the 70s - 90s, the legendary DJ, John Gómez has selected 15 beautiful pieces by the Ermel.

These choices portray Ermel’s divine range and international sound identity, having lived with indigenous tribes of her homeland and studied with the renowned Taoist master Liu Pai Lin. Her music is transient and timeless, spanning Latin America, Europe and East Asia. ‘Combining sounds drawn from the history of Brazil with her own explorations of analogue sound technology, Priscilla’s music opens up a mystical space, where ancient and modern evolves into a new language.’ - MFM

New age ethereal drones and field recordings are met with powerful reverberating synthesiser piano, guitar and cello. Encompassed by the soulful heritage of a plethora of instruments and styles, simultaneously presenting sombre and reflective spellbinding narratives. It is a door into many worlds.

- Ed