ART // DANCE // ACTION                                             YOU’VE BEEN KER-PLUNKED

RP Boo - I’ll tell you what!

In 1997, RP Boo helped invent footwork, the frenetic dance music of Chicago. His track ‘Baby Come On’ pioneered it’s signature mix of stuttering samples and booming bass. After two decades of DJ-ing and producing tracks, Boo released his first full album, ‘I’ll tell you what!’ on Planet Mu, in 2018.

The album is the sound of the ground-breaking producer stripping the genre back to basics. Footwork gone minimal; select samples of spoken voices loop sparingly, darting back and forth across shapeshifting bass lines, rumbling like thunder. Twitching snares cut and attack with an astonishing attention to detail. ‘U - Don’t No’ is a particularly gorgeous example, a sparse piano loop twisting in-and-out of the vocal, before segueing into the low end workout of ‘Earth’s Battle Dance’. A definitive statement from one of the genres creators, ‘I’ll tell you what!’ is equal parts menacing and funky

- Jake