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Sen Am - Duval Timothy

This jazz pianist, and multi medium artist based between London & Freetown, Sierra Leone, creates his own world somewhere in the middle of Erik Satie, Steve Reich and Thelonius Monk. Exploring the dual lives and cultures of 2nd generation immigrants and members of diasporic communities, ‘Sen Am’ literally translates from Krio as ‘send it’. Duval weaves interviews, found sound and whatsapp voice notes into a tapestry of minimal, dreamlike piano compositions.

His playing is stunning, complex and dexterous but at times unforgettably melodic. A bittersweet, delicate exploration of how communities cross the planet. Building and releasing tension expertly, Duval demands your attention with incredibly cathartic music. His more sonically diverse follow up release, 2 sim, is as equally gorgeous and essential. Duval has also produced a series of music videos and visualisations of his work that are just spellbinding

- Jake