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Shall We Go On Sinning So That Grace May Increase? - The Soft Pink Truth

The Soft Pink Truth is the solo outlet of Drew Daniel, who usually works with his partner M.C Schmit as the renowned experimental duo Matmos. Driven by the anger, sadness and “private feeling of powerlessness” he felt following Donald Trump’s election, Daniel crafted his 2020 release as a soothing and uplifting balm, deliberately avoiding the trap of “angry white guy” music.

The album opens with a soft tapestry of pastoral vocals reciting the album’s title as a hymn. From then on Daniel interweaves delicate synths, celestial vocals, supple piano loops, high strung horns and the occasional thud of percussion into a spellbinding miasma. It is impossible to not be drawn in and captivated - the tracks are soaked in atmosphere and lush ambience, but at no point do they feel cloying or cliche. The negative feelings that inspired Daniel to create such tender music have become constant and incessant for many people, but here he offers comfort and respite without denial or withdrawal.

- Jake