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Tamikrest – Chatma

A younger version of Ed and his brother listened to this CD non-stop one summer.

Tamikrest are a strong pillar in the Saharan world of desert rock. Although strongly rooted in and influenced by Tuareg culture, the band is comprised of members spanning Africa and the world; their name translates as ‘Junction’. At the time of the Chatma’s production in 2013 the band were exiled from Mali to Algeria due to violence and the imposition of Sharia law. The album title translates as ‘Sisters,’ the songs are an ode to the strength of the Taureg women, resilient and enduring. The music is just that, powerful and dynamic, with effervescent guitar surging through the rhythms, both high octane and versed in the blues. Strong voices, such as that of Ousmane Ag Mossa, speak, sing and wail the poetry of uncompromising collective identity.

Check out their new album ‘Tamotaït,’ as well as many other of their contemporaries on Glitterbeat and Sahel Records for more of this regions

- Ed