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Yazz Ahmed - Polyhymnia

Yazz Ahmed is British-Bahraini composer, trumpeter and flugelhorn player. Her music inhabits the mystical space between traditional forms of jazz and folk, and channels new means of psychedelic, electronic production. Ahmed has been heralded to international acclaim through her exploration of Arabic musical and storytelling traditions. Progressive, ethereal orchestrations descend into powerful and chaotic jams.

Her 3rd album ‘Polyhymnia’ is a 6 track work, described by the lady herself as ‘a suite of movements, each dedicated to women of outstanding qualities, role models, with whom I felt a strong connection.’ Inspired by Rosa Parks; Malala Yousafzai; Ruby Bridges; Haaifa Al-Mansour; Barbara Thompson; and the Suffragettes. This fluid and rich sound is the work of a performer who consistently evokes the empowerment of women through history and in the present.

- Ed